How to Choose a Blog Topic

Stuck for a topic and the creative juices aren’t flowing?  Are you wondering how to choose a blog topic?

Here is a continually growing list of great places for you to search to get a list of topics.

1) What are the top 10 questions you are often asked by clients and customers?  Write a blog topic around each

2) What are the top 10 questions your clients should be asking?  Write a blog topic around each

3) Do a “how to” for a specific area of your business.

4) Google Alerts :  Google alerts are a very easy way for you to receive information on what is going in your core business areas.  You can set up Google alerts for your keywords and every day (or hour depending on the settings you choose) Google will send an email to you if new articles are posted on the web in your areas of interest.

5) Just picked a basic area of your business and write  around a topic  “What is a foreclosure?”

6) Your perspective on a recent event in your industry “How new tax laws will impact single moms.”

7) Tell a story about something that just happened in your office:  this could include a spotlight on a new employee, a new process to help customers, a new product or service you now offer.

8) Tell of a success story with a client/patient/customer.

9) Write with information the reader can use:  “Top three stretches after a workout.”

10) How can you help them with a particular problem

11) What is going on in your industry:  “do you qualify for relief under the new tax law?”

12) Should be positive – promote helping them with a problem.“Three simple ways to change your diet.”

14) Research what your competitors are doing.  Read their blogs, websites, even facebook posts.  Always put a different spin on your issue (your own personal perspective) and never copy any content.

15) Discuss an article you just read.

17) Interview a staff member about his/her job, what they love about the business, how they love helping customers and clients.

18) Present two sides of an issue

19) Provide information about how to hire/select someone who does what you do:  “How to Hire a Social Media Consultant”

20) Provide an update to a previous blog post.

21)  Write  a book review related to your field.

22) Write a product review on a new item or service available from your business.

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