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Jen Saves You Time

Let Jen and her team write blog posts for you and craft social media posts aimed at your idealcustomers and clients. You approve what is written and then our team posts it for you.

Speaking and Training

Jennifer is available to speak to groups of all sizes on the topics of SEO, social media, and digital marketing.  She breaks complicated topics into small pieces to maximize understanding.

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Jennifer is available to speak to groups of all sizes on the topics of SEO, social media, and digital marketing.  She breaks complicated topics into small pieces to maximize understanding.

The Social Media Consultant You Can Trust

You know social media, blogging and SEO are all critical to reach your ideal clients and customers.  But,

You are confused about what to do on social media

You do not have time to get it all done.  

You do not like any of it.  

You need a social media expert who can walk you, your team or an audience through basic and advanced topics.  You want a writer who can craft engaging social media and blog posts who with an eye on technical details. You want someone who will take the time to understand your business.  Lastly, you want a social media consultant you can trust.

You are probably wondering, how does she know?

For years, I have provided business owners and attorneys with monthly support. I develop a personalized and strategic social media plan and keyword driven editorial calendar for their blog. I ensure your social media accounts are correctly set-up, you are connecting to the right individuals and continually sharing high quality content all optimized for SEO.   

Are you looking for a social media speaker or group training? Breaking complicated things into manageable pieces is my specialty. I am available for C-suite and board trainings, workshops, networking events and keynote addresses. Your audience will be entertained as I secretly help them understand basic and/or complicated steps to build their digital footprint.

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Done FOR you Social Media and Blogging Support for businesses.

Premier do-it-yourself blogging and social media programs and daily support. 

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On April 4, 2017 Jennifer was honored to travel back to her Alma Mater, Fordham University and present her Ted Talk titled “How to Create Peace in Your Divorce.”  Watch here as Jen explains the relationship she treasured with her peaceful co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband John and how it is her great honor to carry forward his memory for their three daughters.

Imagine all of your questions answered

When you are looking for an expert to help you with blogging and social media, a lot of questions come up.  

I know that the stress you feel as you attempt to learn the basics and answer your questions knowing that you must get started with a blog and social media as soon as possible.  It all might even keep you up at night. You are overwhelmed with just trying to understand all that you need to do to build your internet presence, after all, you also have a business to run.  

For years I have been working with business owners helping them build a substantial digital presence.  My clients usually come to me very confused and need clear answers on SEO, blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and often ask “should I use SnapChat?”  Overtime I have learned to sort out their confusion and can help you focus on what is important. My guidance will help you understand how to develop an online position and then we can support you on a monthly basis.  

You may be a new business wanting to establish an digital presene or an established business interested in growing. Regardless of where you are, I can easily get you moving forward.

Why do I need social media?
What is SEO? How do I write a blog?
How do I hire a social media consultant?

Social Media Questions Answered

Jennifer Gardella, PhD is Your Social Media Consultant.  She specializes in making sure that you understand your digital marketing presence.  

Jen specializes in working with business owners who want to establish a solid foundation  on the website.  Using SEO, blogging and social media she is able to ensure that you are set-up to attract your ideal clients to your business. 

Clients often refer to Jennifer as the “lawyer of their social media” as she is available to answer questions and vet vendors for all sorts of other online marketing activities.  Not sure how to start creating videos?  Need to outsource your technical SEO?  Are you being bombarded by companies who want to run your Facebook Ads or Google Adwords Campaigns?  Jen knows is can be confusing and is always on hand to jump on the phone (or sometimes in her car) to talk through details with clients. 



Why do I need social media for my business or law firm?

In today’s modern world, your ideal clients use social media to find out about your goods and services.  They may search for keywords within Facebook or remember that they saw helpful information from you on LinkedIn.  You want to ensure you have professionally set-up profiles that are continually sharing great content that positions you as an expert.  You have a greater chance of connecting if you have an active social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ensuring your website and digital presence are written and designed to be found.  This starts with in-depth keyword research and developing an editorial calendar based on the questions your ideal client is asking. We then use this information to write blogs that provide phenomenal information to your readers and the search engines.   When I work with clients we ensure that our SEO strategy is white-glove and top-notch.

Do I need a blog?

Every business should have a blog.  It provides information for you to share on social media and also is one of the three best ways to build content into your site.  A blog should provide your ideal clients with excellent information and show a little bit of your personality. Additionally, a blog gives you a forum on which you can take the opportunity  to comment on recent updates in your field and news stories directly related to your business.

How do I write a blog?

Writing a blog is actually very easy if you have a well thought out editorial calendar and plan space in your week for writing.  The easiest way to write a blog is first decide on a very small (tight) topic that is closely related to your area of expertise. Write a clear opening paragraph on the importance of the topic and how it relates to your ideal client.  You should have three supporting paragraphs full of excellent and usable ideas. End your blog with another tip, offer to help, and make sure to include a very clear Call To Action. Never sound too salesy. Make sure to naturally sprinkle your keywords throughout your blog and drop in a geolocator.  

Which Social Media Platforms Should you Use?

Each social media channel has a unique purpose and culture to it.  You can download my free guide to the platforms here. For business owners, a strategic social media plan includes LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Twitter.  Pinterest and Instagram may also be useful to you. We first have to research what sites your ideal clients use.

How to find a social media speaker?

When you are searching for a social media speaker you need someone with the personality to engage with your audience and the expertise to deliver a presentation full of action items. Your audience should leave inspired and confident with great next steps to build their social media presence. Jennifer connects with audience members sharing her personal and professional experiences in building a digital presence that has helped others and attracted clients.

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