Blogging Ideas

home-office-336378_1920What should I blog about?

Think useful…entertaining…generous…educational…fun…informational…

Here is the list I go to when looking for inspiration and blogging ideas:

  1. Top questions your clients ask when they walk in the door
  2. Top question clients SHOULD ask when they walk in the door
  3. What’s hot in your industry?
  4. How you got started in your career
  5. # of things your (insert your profession) never told you
  6. Why I don’t do (something that is common in your profession).
  7. Take any news story and relate it to your business (any news story will do).
  8. Case Study
  9. Why today was a great day at work
  10. Product showcase
  11. What do you do to efficiently run your office (and save clients money)
  12. Must do’s – what you must do every day (hour..month) about your core business.
  13. How to….
  14. A book review and how it relates to your business
  15. Why you should never…
  16. Advice no one talks about
  17. Top blog posts from your blog – link to each with a bit of a description
  18. Mistakes your clients make that drive them to call you (good one for plumbers)
  19. # of must haves
  20. Myths about your industry
  21. Get something done right now (three steps to start tweeting)
  22. Checklist
  23. Dumb advice
  24. Best advice
  25. Interview someone (thought leader, client)
  26. Top 25 interesting people in your industry
  27. 10 things you should look for in a service
  28. Book review
  29. What you really do all day (Day in the life post)
  30. What is _____ – complicated concept, Habeas Corpus for instance.
  31. Challenge your readers
  32. What you should know before you hire me…start something…
  33. Steps to _____
  34. What needs to stop right now in your field
  35. How to find the right _______
  36. How to tell if ________
  37. A beginner’s guide to _______
  38. A list
  39. Problem / Solution post
  40. What you learned at a conference
  41. Mistakes to avoid
  42. How to_______
  43. Step-by-step
  44. Why you should never do this…