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Blogging for Your Small Business

Blogging can be of tremendous benefit to your small business online presence and your personal position as an expert in your field.  Through blogging you can:

  1. Show your personality;
  2. Comment on recent news happenings in your field;
  3. Start to position yourself as an expert in your profession;
  4. Grow your website since google gives great value to websites with many pages of great content;
  5. Provide help on specific topics that are not a good fit for website articles;
  6. Providing linking opportunities to your website articles.

I have realized great success with blogging.  My first blog, NJ Divorce Mom and gives me the opportunity to provide parents (both coupled and divorced) with great information on a variety of topics related to raising children.  This effort was recognized by the Huffington Post and I am honored to be a guest blogger for them.  Through my blog on Your Social Media Hour I am able to provide guidance to small business owners on the best way to establish a social media footprint for their enterprise, and my blog here on allows me to talk about higher level internet and social media strategy.

As you can tell, I love to write and have received feedback that my writing continually helps my intended audiences.  Through the process of blogging I have a become a better writer and actually found a few good friends including Sandy Weiner of Last First Date.  Sandy is an avid blogger as well.

I have worked with several individual clients and networking groups on the process of starting a blog and also enhancing blogging efforts.  If you would like to provide blogging guidance for your small business or networking group, please contact me.  I would be happy to provide the information and training you need so you can start realizing great or greater success with your blogging efforts.  

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