Why Should Attorneys Blog?

Attorneys usually pay a signficant amount of money to build a webiste.  Findlaw and Justia charge $1000 – $10,000 (yes, $10k) per month (yes, per month) for a website.  Once completed blogging for attorneys can be an overwhelming process.

What typically happens is after the initial expenses and even with the monthly costs, the website just sits – because you do not have the time or any interest in blogging.

This is where I can help you.  I can blog for you!

I am sure you have read the articles, but the question remains, why should you blog?

  1. Build your website
  2. Great for SEO
  3. Highlight your expertise around news stories
  4. Put out relevant content that can help your potential clients
  5. Position yourself as top of your field.
  6. Content to share on social media

So now that you know it is important, what should you blog about?

  1. What are the top five questions your clients ask you when they walk in the room?
  2. What are the top five questions clients SHOULD ask you when they walk in the room?
  3. Case study
  4. What are the legal terms / steps in the process that are important to your work?
  5. What to do if…

Most attorneys can not find the time nor do they have any interest in learning how to blog or making sure they are blogging on a consistent basis.  I take this task off of your to-do list and make sure blogs are being added to your website on a consistent basis with your voice and approval.

If you need more information about how a blog can help your website, let’s set up an appointment to talk!