Ask and It is given
Knock and the door will be opened
And have the faith of a mustard seed

When you go through a difficult situation, where you might not see a clear path, call in those phrases and passages from the scripture that mean the most to you.  For me, in my most difficult times, I always look to His Word with have unflappable faith that I will find my way.  And during this pandemic, the good book has not disappointed.  It doesn’t matter if I am “Bible Surf” just opening a page for inspiration, sit in Bible study (where I am usually reading the assigned scripture as the Zoom starts), or open my “read the Bible in a year” book (as I write this I am reading April  – yes, it is November, and yes this is my second year trying to get through it).  

Not a Bible-Thumper (but I appreciate those who are)

To be clear, I am not a Bible thumper, not particularly religious and have not gone through the “being saved” process nor do I have any desire to. I identify as culturally Christian and also enjoy all sorts of spiritual activities.  I have always had the goal of reading the bible cover to cover and am ⅓ of the way through that process.  I love the weekly bible study I attend and have Zoomed into church every Sunday.  I do not profess to know my way around the Good Book but I will admit, it does have many answers.  Sometimes I feel that like it is similar to reading your horoscope, you can always adapt any chapter and verse to your life which, to me, shows the universal application.  For the record, if you do not believe in any of this – fine as well – no judgment from me.  

For everyone, the pandemic has brought forth some level of uncertainty.  While some have had to adjust or pivot, others have had their lives turned upside down.  And while every day seems to bring a new change, for me,  the one thing that has remained constant is my faith, and that God/Spirit are always up in the lofty skies working magic.  There have been many days since April where I just did not have any other choice than to just trust there was a bigger plan.  

For me personally, Coronavirus presented an opportunity for me to leave an unhealthy situation that was not working.  As I burned the boats on security that I have built over the last five years –  it was faith in my ability to not only survive but thrive in a very uncertain path that got me through and continues to get me through.  And let me tell you, I was tested continually by God and Spirit to build the strength I would need to survive and thrive in the next round of obstacles, hurdles, and miracles that come my way every single day.  I felt like I was always climbing yet another thorny mountain and knew I had everything I needed to make it – or I knew I could ask for it – or I would find it – or it would be given in an unexpected way.  A new living situation to find, a business to rebuild, a love to mourn, my children each presenting with different crises, some health, and some teenage emotional drama…I stayed in faith and survived as I watched a planned future vanish with faith that I would build a healthier one with some magic interjected from above.  

Turn your Stress Over to a Higher Power

In April I decided to employ what my good friend Christy Demetrakis had told me for so long and I started turning over my stress to God and Spirit simply because I couldn’t handle it all myself and I was getting overwhelmed.  How is this done – you simply turn it over – delegate it out – you can think it – pray it – write a letter – however you want to get the message across.  As I practiced this I felt more and more relieved and the miracles, both big and small appeared.  Sure, I had to do work,  but faith kept me deeply committed to knowing the miracles were waiting and I was in good hands.  God and Spirit were swirling to put things in place for me – sometimes I wasn’t ready or a situation was not ready for me.  I had faith that the perfect thing would happen and it did every single time.  And right now, as I continually look to a very bright future, I sometimes wonder, why isn’t it getting here already?  It is because me and that future are not yet ready yet to meet.  I look forward to the day (hopefully sooner than later) when that perfect matches are perfectly ready to join forces with me.  

When you are tested, especially when beyond the brink of what you think can be handled, turn your stress over to God and commit, again and again, to faith in the perfect divine outcome.