If, as an adult, you were given the chance to design some time as the perfect “camp” experience, what would it look like?  Honestly, I could go in a few different directions:  time in a city, a country house (boating, hiking, smores), I could also do full on camping in the woods communing with nature and what not.

Over this past year, I have taken several opportunities to build a camp Jen type experience into a trip or even when home alone for a few days.

In March I put on a “Camp Jen” time when I attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego for a conference.  I had a morning to myself and took full advantage.

I had an absolutely beautiful room booked on Hotwire (I am the queen of Hotwire deals) right in downtown where I could scoot to the conference (yes, I am that hip – stop laughing).

Now, just to be clear, that camp Jen experience did not start off all that well since there was construction across the street where it was time for tile cutting at 3am – good ‘ol SD has no noise ordinance.  The manager of my palace did admit that while the hotel was just completely upgraded they failed to take care of the windows and they did not have any more rooms available. I may have been a bit cranky and groggy due to lack of sleep but did mention that while “I do not consider myself to be high maintenance, if I do not get a room away from the construction I will be sleeping in the lobby.”  Room was moved.

So what did the rest of Camp Jen look like?

  1. 30 minutes on the elliptical at the super fancy gym attached to my hotel.
  2. An extensive search for coffee and breakfast (Panera was out of coffee – I thought i had entered the Twilight Zone).
  3. Pack – move stuff – unpack
  4. A bit of work
  5. Yoga class
  6. Grab scooter down to the conference.

To the average mamma bear this might be bizarre – but to me it was heaven.

Fast forward and I am sitting in my hotel room in Orlando, FL visiting my daughter who works for Disney.  I know, it is sort of exciting.  Even more exciting is that she invited me down to run (think light trot) in a 5k with her for cast and family only that goes through Animal Kingdom – did I mention we have to get up at 5am – minor detail.  Anyway, by the time we registered and booked our trip her schedule was set for work.  While we were able to spend this morning together, she was off the Hollywood Studios by 1pm.  So…yep…camp Jen…ready?

  1. I took the ride with her over the Hollywood Studios so I could jump on the new Skyline – a gondola that runs out to Epoct and hits a few hotels.  It was super smooth and fast.
  2. I got off at Epcot and walked through the Beach Club to catch a bus back to the Disney Springs area where I am staying.  Busses to Disney Springs start at 4pm from the parks.
  3. I walked through Disney Springs a bit, including the Christmas Trees, and then it was back to my hotel.
  4. Check social media and email
  5. Organize my Canva account (finally found the brilliant way to do that for an easy of creating a killer Instagram.
  6. Grab book (30days.com but Russel Burnson) received with my One Funnel Away Challenge.
  7. Walk (yes walk) to Sweet Tomatoes – one of my all-time favorite restaurants.
  8. Come back and write.

I have two more afternoons to myself and lots to do – I brought books with me – there is always something I can do for my business.  I plan to hit the gym – go to Sweet Tomatoes at least once more.

So I want you to think Dear Reader…how do you spend your camp time and – even more importantly – how can you fit it into your schedule?  Camp You can be run anytime – in your basement – closet, or just in your mind as you mindlessly sit and wait around all day at a swim meet.  There are times when it can be luxurious and times when it is just a bit of self-care.