You know you need to create more videos for your business.

A well positioned YouTube channel with a strategy to scale, videos just for IGTV and LinkedIn, live videos on Twitter and Facebook. It all makes your head spin.  My buddy MFB has embraced the challenge with great success, and now you can as well. Read on to learn exactly what to do, how to get it done, and the success you can enjoy for the effort.

First, let me introduce you to MFB

Mary Fran Bontempo, MFB, is the author of Not Ready for Granny Panties, the Women’s Book of Dirty Words and the soon-to-be-released 15 Minute Master.  She is a brilliant and gifted speaker who delivers a powerful message that will transform your self-talk for success in any situation. Since sits at the innermost ring of my inner circle – one of the few who can lovingly set me straight on any issue in business or my personal life.

MFB hates marketing.  As such, on a regular basis, I overwhelm her with ideas on what she should be doing with her business.  While I believe my superpower is the ability to explain complicated tasks into understandable pieces, I have a secondary power of completely overwhelming MFB.   My best guess is that she needs a shot of tequila after I call… I’m amazed she still picks up the phone.

I recently called her (and texted) from a conference telling her that everyone was talking about and creating videos.    Shortly thereafter MFB was speaking at a conference and I called to suggest (remind…nag) her to report into her audience.

MFB just didn’t take my idea and make a video – MFB ran with the concept at a full sprint as if she was chasing the wine truck in her neighborhood.

She reported in live from the conference on Twitter and then shared a video her experience and talk on LinkedIn.  A few days later she reported in on the progress she is making on her next book using Facebook live.

Suddenly, she was everywhere.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love MFB like a sister (an older sister, yeah, I had to get that in there).  But I soon found her at the top of my Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds – EVERY TIME I was on a social media site.  I couldn’t get away from MFB – it was a whole lot of MFB. She was, everywhere…strutting her authenticity, providing value, and reaching her people through video.  They were responding and interacting with her content…the platforms were showing her content over and over again.  She just let me know that one of her videos has 526 views to date.

When I called to applaud her for her success and let her know I could not get away from her videos she said, “you are right, people are saying that I’m everywhere.”

So…how can you use video to promote your business?

Videos on YouTube
YouTube is owned by Google and, when properly recorded, uploaded and optimized, these videos are SEO gold.  Another trick, embed YouTube videos into your website (blog posts and website articles for an even greater SEO punch.  Videos posted to YouTube can be shared on all your social media channels (as part of your bigger social media strategy – you have one, right?)

Live Videos
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all now offering the video option to users.  And guess what, use it! These videos are put in a queue and shown to the masses. If you can get a bit of engagement, the algorithm will further promote them.

Instagram / IGTV
If your audience is on Instagram then you should be strutting your expertise and providing value with IGTV videos (about 10 minutes).  You record them on your phone and upload them via the app. You can also record shorter videos in your Instagram stories.

What types of content should you share in your videos? 
This depends largely on your business but speak to the way you solve the pain points of your ideal clients.  Give short actionable steps that they can easily take and help them understand bigger issues. Always entertain, educate and/or inform.  Your topics should be well thought out in your editorial calendar but always leave a little room for news and magic.

Not sure what to do?  Book a call with me to get you moving in the right direction.  As MFB will said the other day on the phone, “I need to listen to what you tell me, I believe in the value of what you say, and I believe you know what you are talking about.”

Don’t ever ask me to pick out your outfit and if I invite you over for dinner plan on pizza…but when it comes to building the perfect strategy to reach your ideal audience…well I would be honored to help you out.