I once made the claim that I could take any major news story and spin a blog post title for any business.  Try me! 

When you are running a business, the idea of digital marketing probably makes you a little crazy.  You are sick of hearing how it is important and still overwhelmed by not knowing what to do first.  And the big one – you don’t know what to post about.  Blogging and social media takes time to plan out which is part of the reason I started my business in the first place:  to help business owners and lawyers plan.  When we plan we conduct in-depth keyword research and create a 12 monht editorial calendar.  This will ensure that the words you want to rank on are written into your website.

But, this post isn’t about all that.  I want you to look around in the world (the news, in your operation and life) for blog post ideas that highlight your personality and your expertise.  For instance:

  1. Facebook went down for a few hours this week.  The perfect opportunity for me to write a post about how the small business owner should not only be using one platform. 
  2. My website developer and I parted ways after I realized she had no idea in how to put up a responsive website (in Divi) even though she claimed she knew exactly what to do.  While I could rant and rave about her incompetence and lying, this is a perfect blog post for me to write about hiring a friend and/or show other business owners what they need to look for in a website designer (and how to know things are going south).
  3. Part of the writing I do is about my life and my children.  My daughter just secured a spot in the Disney Internship Program.  Given all that she/we have gone through these past 5 years this is an important event for me.  Caution – there was a time I was writing so much my children would periodically say “mom, is this going to wind up in your blog?  Be warned.  You can also write posts about why you started your business, pictures of your children working in it.  What do you think your dog thinks you do? Outline the ways you have built and how you are building. 
  4. The college admission scandal of March, 2019 has me thinking about integrity, pampering children, and not letting our kids fail.  I’ll work on that one as well. 

When you train yourself to regularly look around in the world you will find blogs all around you.  The news, daily newspaper, local happenings…one small thing your child mentioned – it can spur a blog post to show your personality, your expertise, or just your human-ness.  Not only can blogging help you build the SEO of your website but it gives you a fantastic piece of content to share on social media (driving traffic into your storefront or to your website).

Remember, a blog post is nothing more than an opening paragraph – three supporting paragraphs (or a list) and a close.  Shoot for 500 words and make sure to naturally work in the keywords.  And when you need help along the way, give me a call.