On and off for the last few years I have read the book Daily Motivation by Nido R. Qudein.  I picked it up this morning for the first time in quite some time and todays inspiration centers on the concept of change.

Now, I have always LOVED change.  Growing up I would rearrange my room every now and again – I love changing up schedules, taking classes, learning new things  – heck I even like walking the dog in different directions.  Change to me isn’t scary – it keeps my brain moving.  As my dear friend Marcus says “Your standards are too high and you get bored easily.”  Yes…and yes.

For August 27th Nido talks about the necessity for change and details the following:

C – Creativity
H – Healthy Habits
A – Accomodation
N – Nose for News
G – Good-bye to the past
E – Eagerness to Succeed

That really made me thing.  I exude these actions and qualities in just about everything that I do.  In my business, life, and even introspection.  When you look at change in this way who wouldn’t want to change things up?

Clearly sometimes change can also be for the benefit your system or other people – accomodation is key.  It makes people feel important and that they matter.  It makes people know you care enough to change to help them out.

I think we all need to have a relationship with change.  And just like money, love, technology – you need to see what you stronly react to and then move to flip it.  If you say I hate change, then look at what about change sets you off and move to see a more positive side.

Honestly, I can go through each part of change that Nido highlights above and write many blog posts about each one.  They can help you through anything that is changing in your life and help you see the positive side.

Well, as a mom who just dropped off her middle daughter for freshman year of college, I’m still struggling to uncover how that change fits in – maybe Goodbye to the past and hello future?  That is going to take me some time to adjust to.