Engaging and Approachable…

….Your Social Media Expert

Whether she is sitting in your office providing individual consultation or presenting to your business group, Jennifer connects in a personal way to empower small business owners to maximize their time on social media platforms.  Using her many years of experience as a university professor, Jennifer’s warm style and personal experience put clients at ease.  She provides detailed instruction while teaching clients how to build a substantial presence on the internet.

Jennifer Gardella can get you to where you need to be on social media.  She has taken the time to listen to small business owners and know they need clear direction, help getting started, and a clear picture of what to do each day.  Her instructions guide clients through the process of developing an online position for their business while positioning themselves as an expert.  

Most small business owners are looking for guidance on how to position their enterprise on social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  Finding time to set-up and optimize accounts, learn how to manage, and then maintaining a presence can be overwhelming.

Some need a bit of help every day which is where Your Social Media Hour is the perfect solution.  Other owners need a few personal appointments to get started and shown the ins and outs.  A few would like specialized help every month.  And most organizations love to bring in speakers to talk about successful strategy.  Jennifer can help at your comfort level.  

Dr. Gardella has a passion for helping small business owners find the time to promote their goods and services for great success. She looks forward to working with you so her expertise can help your small business or group.  

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