Book your 30 minute consultation with Jen today – she will answer all your digital marketing and social media questions.   Are you confused about social media? Not sure what to do about the SEO on your website?  Not even sure what all of it means?  If this is you then Jennifer Gardella, PhD can help you out.  Jennifer is Your Social Media expert and offers attorneys and other business owners her to time to get them out of overwhelm. Do I really need social media to promote my business? Yes!  But most business owners are confused about exactly what to do.  During your time with Jen on the phone she will answer your three big questions and give you great pointers on your social media presence.  Given her vast experience working with all types of businesses, Jen can look at your social media profiles and work with you to improve how you look and what you post.  She can help you connect with the right individuals  and ensure your content reaches them on a regular. How can SEO help my business? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of actions you can take to ensure your website is shown in search results.  Your ideal customers and clients are looking for you – we need to make sure they find you!  Keyword research and an editorial calendar are the two first steps you need to take in ensuring your site is optimized.  Then, regular blogging and having the right articles on your website will help if they are correctly posted.  During your time on the phone with Jen she can walk you through each step to ensure your website is building on a regular basis and you understand what needs to be done so the search engines find you!