There is a fine distinction between a blog post and an article for any website owner.  Website articles tend to be nuts and bolts information geared towards explaining one core aspect of their business.  They are timeless in nature and can explain how-to’s, explain specific definitions and are a great way to build linkable information based on your profession.   Blog posts are written with a more informal style giving the reader newsy information and allowing the writer to show some personality.

As you know, Jennifer loves to blog and frequently writes about her personal life on  NJ Divorce Mom and social media happenings on her  Your Social Media Hour blog.  She is honored when her work is featured in the Huffington Post and looks forward to building a blog about her professional life on this site as well.

Jennifer is thrilled to share her articles with you and has placed the following on this site which include:

Your Website and Social Media Campaigns

Your Editorial Calendar

Does my Small Business Really Need a Website?

Is your Website Social Media Friendly?  

A Healthy Website is Important for Your Social Media Effort

Blogging for Your Small Business

Choosing a Blog Topic 

Writing a Great Blog Post

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